The LadyKillers

This was a kind of breathtaking movie that was released in the year 2004. The film starts with a beautiful morning featuring the home premises of Marva Munson, an aged churchgoing woman, who lived alone after her husband died in an accident. A charming man steps in to knock at her door and introduces himself as professor Goldthwaite H. Dorr who is a musician. Further, he shows his interest in taking up the room that Marva once advertised for renting out. Both are happy with the terms and conditions and starts living there.

Dorr’s fellow beings are all fraud danger criminals and in their inner mind, they had a plan for this basement living. They wanted to reach the nearby casino cash locker room by tunneling from there. In fact, they successfully crash the final wall using Crypto Code and gets all the money and rapidly fixes back the wall. Also, one member of the group was tricky enough to cover up the tunnel with a sort of explosion so that nobody could discover it again. Though he tries to escape after keeping the explosive, he slows down because of the stomach irritation he is having. Thus, he had been thrown away due to the explosion. Hearing those loud sound, Mrs. Munson goes downstairs to interrogate. Rather, she gets to know about all the stories that have happened there. The gang suspects that she would take the step to inform the police and so they decide to kill her.

One of the team members goes near the lady to shoot here down but suddenly some kind of godly power make him visualize his own past and a conversation with his mother. So, he could not react to Mrs. Munson and thus, she manages to escape this time. Meanwhile, he runs to the gang members and informs that he cannot shoot her. All others make fun of him and even strong arguments take place in between which accidentally causes the gun to trigger off and he dies.

It was really a surprise that the plan of killing Munson fails each time, taking somebody’s life. Further, there occurs a fight between all the members and all try to murder other members only for the cause of money. They realize the potential power over there and backs out which creates a storm within them. They left the building and each other shoots down while quarreling. The lady comes back to see the room completely free with only the money left. She decides to give it back to the casino but they refuse to take it from. Later, it gives it for charity purposes which saves the life of orphans.