Barton Fink

The DVD was finally released on May 20th, 2003 buy it below! One of the strangest movies I’ve ever seen. John Goodman is great as the insurance salesman from hell. I’ve discovered a great guide that spells out every little symbolism. Link to it below in the viewer’s guide. Synopsis In 1941, New York intellectual playwrite Barton Fink comes to Hollywood to write a Wallace Beery wrestling picture. Staying in the eerie Hotel Earle, Barton develops severe writer’s block. His neighbor, jovial insurance salesman Charlie Meadows, tries to help, but Barton continues to struggleas a bizarre sequence of events distracts him even further from his task. Did you know? In Miller’s Crossing Turturro met Gabriel Byrne’s charactor at his apartment building called “The Barton Arms.”