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Own a piece of A Serious Man

Larry Gopnik’s 1966 DODGE CORONET is being auctioned off for charity.  The auction will benifit Variety – The Children’s Charity of Southern California.  After 8 bids and with 6 days to go it’s at $5000.  A steal if your interested in extremely dull cars used in extremely great movies.  Auction | Charity

Coen Brothers Mop up at Cinephile Society Awards

Even though I’ve never heard of the International Cinephile Society I thought I’d report on the outcome of their 2009 awards since A Serious Man won their Best Film prize.  They also won in the directing and original screenplay categories.  The “ICS” was formed in 2003 and is made up of 60 journalists, scholars, and […]

A Serious Graduate

In the upcoming A Serious Man there were 3 actors plucked from casting calls in Minnesota where the film was shot and takes place.  Jessica McManus was one of them and she plays Sarah Gopnik daughter of Larry Gopnik our “Serious Man”.  Seventeen at the time she’s now graduated from High School and is heading […]

Carter Burwell receives career achievement award

ASCAP has bestowed the honor of the Henry Mancini Award in recognition of his outstanding achievements and contributions to the world of film music.  Joel and Ethan Coen sent a congratulatory video for the event which took place May 11th.  Burwell has scored every Coen Brothers film except O Brother, Where Art Thou? Since they […]

Cannes Line-up Announced

      The 2009 Cannes line-up has been announced and as suspected the Coen Brothers are missing.  Another Cannes favorite, Tarantino, will probably steal the show with Inglorious Basterds.  Check out the full list over at Empire.

No Cannes for Coens

It looks as though A Serious Man will not be ready in time for Cannes in May.  Various reports are saying that Joel and Ethan will not be taking their latest film to the Festival that has treated them so well in the past.  Of the Coen Brothers films 8 of 13 went to Cannes.  […]

A Serious Man Release Date

Just confirmed that A Serious Man will have a US limited release date of October 2nd, 2009.

Directed and written by Ethan and Joel, the film has created a huge expectation. Read this to unveil the storyline. The story revolves around the physics teacher, Larry Gopnik, whose life starts to sink all of sudden over a series of unfortunate incidents and how he unravels the twists and turns.

After A Serious Man and The Yiddish Policemen’s Union comes… True Grit???

London’s Daily Mail is reporting that The Coen Brother’s next, next project will be a recreation of the John Wayne classic True Grit. Not necessarily a remake, perhaps more of a retelling of Charles Portis’ 1968 novel.  Full Story

Continuing our look at the cast of “A Serious Man”

George Wyner is an actor a lot like Adam Arkin and Richard Kind. He’s done a great deal of television work including Hill Street Blues, Doogie Howser, and LA Law. He’s also had a few notable Film appearances in Spaceballs and Fletch. In A Serious Man he plays Rabbi Natcher one of the 3 rabbi’s […]

A Look at the cast of “A Serious Man” part 3

Michael Stuhlbarg is set to play Larry Gopnik the lead character in A Serious Man. Gopnik is a professor who’s life begins to unravel after his wife leaves him and his brother (Kind) won’t move out of his house. Stuhlbarg is a Tony-nominated actor who’s done some TV and film work to this point.