Toronto gets A Serious Man World Premiere

The Toronto International Film Festival announced today that the Coen Brothers new film A Serious Man will be premiering there.  The festival begins September 10th less than a month before the official US release date.

In one of their recent interviews, the Coen brothers revealed the sneak peek of their upcoming film, ‘A serious man’. The film revolves around a physics professor, Larry Gopnik, who suddenly encounters a series of unfortunate events. When he starts looking for ways to unravel the incidents, he finds a shocking coincidence between the events and finally, the truth would be revealed. Coen Brothers reveal that it is a period film, dating back to 1967. This time they have come up with the black comedy genre.

Ethan Coen and Joel Coen are equally excited like his audience over the movie launch at the theToronto film festival. This is not the first time that their movie is being screened at Toronto. Still, every year, the excitement and stress to perform better peaks up.

Recently, rumors have sparkled that the Coen brothers are having a tough time together and they are planning to separate. But the movie which is directed by the Coen brothers together shattered all the rumors. Personal questions during the interview sessions do not impress the Coen brothers. Recently, a journalist from one of the most reputed film magazines, encountered Joel with a question about their integrity and family? He really got annoyed and responded harshly. The Coen brothers are known to be unrepentant and unapologetic.

When it comes to doing films, the Coen brothers show high professionalism and there is nothing that they can’t do. Their films belong to a wide genre like high flying comedies, revenge tales, and hot romance. They have got picturesque eye, making every frame looks perfect and pleasing to eyes. So, with much expectations and speculations, the Coen brothers are going mark presence at the Toronto.  Once the movie is screened, we will release the first-hand review on our website and the audience get to know, ‘what is it worth?’. Brace yourselves to experience an absolute thriller!

Also participating in the festival will be new work from Michael Moore (Capitalism: A Love Story) and Werner Herzog (Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans).