Blood Simple

A bar-owner in Texas is certain that his wife is cheating on him and hires a private detective to spy on her. This is just the beginning of a complex plot which is full of misunderstandings and deceit.

I never thought I’d be saying something new about Blood Simple, but here it is. The Brothers put together a director’s cut. It screened early 2000 at the Sundance Film Festival. After the screening Joel and Ethan did a question and answer session. There’s a video tape of that somewhere and I’m trying to get my hands on it. So far, I believe it’s been released in Europe in some places(Germany) It will be released here in the states (NY/LA) July 7th, and expanding to other cities shortly there after, hopefully. The Coens do expect to have this new director’s cut released on DVD sometime after its theatrical re-release.
What do I know about the cut that is different? Well aparently the opening credits are different somehow. I’ve heard that there is an introduction reminisent of “Rocky Horror” with an unknown older man doing the talking. The only other thing I know for sure is that there’s a new stereo track. That’s all I know, what do you know? Let me know

A minimal budget of $1.5 million has ensured that Blood Simple is superbly streamlined, stripped to its essential characters. On the other hand, its stunning, evocative visuals belong in a film costing twice as much. Obviously the Coen brothers’ know where their priorities lie; they’re in the business of creating a compelling, slightly warped, vision which both uses and occasionally subverts the staples which prop up any particular genre. To this end, Blood Simple’s script is extremely tight with plenty of room for long silences, when warranted. The pace is beautifully controlled, glacial at first but invisibly picking up momentum until,suddenly, the film tightens its grip and squeezes.

‘Blood Simple’ is yet another masterpiece of Coen brothers. The movie has all the aspects to pull off the audience. Every time, the Coen brothers are beating their own records and setting a new target to achieve in the next film. Why not check here, some titbits about the movie?

~ Blood Simple-“When someone’s gone, they’re never gone for good!” Joel Coen,1984
~ Blood Simple won the Grand Jury Prize at the 1985 Sundance Film Festival.
~ When Blood Simple was first released, two quotes appeared over black, before the opening credits. One was from Dashiell Hammet explaining what Blood Simple meant and the second was from Alfred Hitchcock about how difficult it really would be to kill a man.
~ In the original release as well as the television version the Song “It’s the Same Old Song” by the Four Tops plays during the closing credits. In the current video release a country version of I’m a believer is played. You might recall it’s played in the movie. Does anyone know who sings this version and why it replaced “It’s the Same Old Song” let Me know.
~ The voice on the answering machine is Holly Hunter’s voice, mystery solved..