Business Profits

Any business runs for profits. Now in order for a business to make a profit what is the ways, this can be achieved. To understand in detail, click for more info

  1. Increasing sales
  2. Decreasing the overheads
  3. Reducing the workforce to the barest minimum that is really required to run the business.
  4. Increasing the selling  margin
  5. Reducing unnecessary expenses
  6.  Reducing unnecessary investments

1.Increasing  Sales:

All these cannot be achieved in one stretch. One has to study the business and thoroughly analyze the nature of the business and see how profit can be maximized.  Now how to increase sales?  Sales can be increased by employing the right salespersons and also giving discounts on prompt payments by the customers.

2. Decreasing the overheads

Overheads in the form of Rent can be reduced by using the space available in the most feasible manner thereby reducing the excess and unnecessary space available which is in reality not required to run the business. This saves the company from an unnecessary expenditure of leasing the land and building that in reality is not required to run the business. Optimizing the use of existing place available and this, in turn, will increase the profit.

3. Reducing the workforce

Manpower is one of the most vital investments any company can make and in this case most companies do not realize the importance while recruiting. They normally take employees more than what is required and hence the case of excess staff. While recruiting suitable caution should be exercised by companies or otherwise, they will have to decrease employees in order to book profit. A thorough study should be made before recruiting.

4. Increasing the Selling margin

 This may not always be possible because potential customers of the company will not accept the increase in prices of the goods they buy.  So due caution should be exercised while increasing the prices as customers may move away to other competitors for getting a better margin.

5. Reducing unnecessary expenses

Some of the expenses may be in reality unnecessary for the company and hence can be reduced by using proper planning. Unnecessary advertisement expenses can be avoided.  

6.Reducing unnecessary investments 

Some investment may not be really required for the benefit of the company and hence can be avoided and the funds available because of this can be better utilized for other necessary expenses and for the improvement of the functioning of the company. For example, a training program may not be necessary at that particular point of time and hence best avoided.