A Serious Man

Filming has officially finished for “A Serious Man,” starring Tony Award nominee Michael Stuhlbarg, Fred Melamed (from “Suspect”) and Richard Kind (“The Visitor”). The Coen brothers Ethan and Joel will write, direct and produce and Working Title’s Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan are serving as execs alongwide Robert Graf who has worked six times previously with the brothers. Also cast are actors Sari Wagner, Jessica McManus and Aaron Wolf from Minnesota where filming is took place. A limited release date of October 2nd, 2009 has been set.

The story follows an ordinary mans search for clarity in a universe where Jefferson Airplane is on the radio and F-Troop is on TV. It is 1967, and Larry Gopnik, a physics professor at a quiet midwestern university, has just been informed by his wife Judith that she is leaving him. She has fallen in love with one of his more pompous colleagues, Sy Ableman, who seems to her a more substantial person than the feckless Larry. Larrys unemployable brother Arthur is sleeping on the couch, his son Danny is a discipline problem and a shirker at Hebrew school, and his daughter Sarah is filching money from his wallet in order to save up for a nose job. While his wife and Sy Ableman blithely make new domestic arrangements, and his brother becomes more and more of a burden, an anonymous hostile letter-writer is trying to sabotage Larrys chances for tenure at the university. Also, a graduate student seems to be trying to bribe him for a passing grade while at the same time threatening to sue him for defamation. Plus, the beautiful woman next door torments him by sunbathing nude. Struggling for equilibrium, Larry seeks advice from three different rabbis. Can anyone help him cope with his afflictions and become a righteous person; a mensch, a serious man?


Michael Stuhlbarg
Fred Melamed
Richard Kind
Aaron Wolf
Sari Wagner
Jessica McManus
Adam Arkin
George Wyner
Peter Breitmayer
Ari Hoptman
Amy Landecker
Larry Gopnik
Sy Ableman
Uncle Arthur
Danny Gopnik
Judith Gopnik
Sarah Gopnik
Don Milgram
Rabbi Natcher
Gar Brandt
Arlen Finkle
Mrs. Samsky

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A forthcoming book by Cathleen Falsani is scheduled to be released in October, to coincide with the release of A Serious Man.  In the spirit of The Gospel According to The Simpsons, and the Gospel According to Disney the book will look at the serious existential and theological questions presented in their films.

Cathleen Falsani is an award winning author of two previous books The God Factor and Sin Boldly and the religion columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times.  In addition to that she is a great fan of The Coen Brothers.  Check out her blog at The Dude Abides and follow her on Twitter.  The Dude Abides is now available for pre-order at Amazon.

Original Press Release

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Lebowski Bobble Heads and Action Figures

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I was browsing over on www.lebowskipodcast.com and noticed an ad for Lebowski Bobble Head and Action Figures. A site I’d never heard of www.entertainmentearth.com has a really great selection of Lebowski “toys”. It doesn’t end their they’ve got all kinds of pop culture stuff. Pretty cool site. I ordered the Jesus bobble head.

Lebowski Podcast

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If you’re looking for a good podcast you might want to check out www.lebowskipodcast.com. They recently celebrated their 2 year aniversary. Focused mostly on The Big Lebowski, however, The Coen’s other projects and film in general gets discussed. It’s worth a listen.

Lebowski T’s and Hoodies

You can’t tell me you never wanted a T-shirt with a White Russian on it.

ShoppingThe Big Lebowski

Big Lebowski 10 Anniversary DVD

They released a new DVD of “The Big Lebowski” to commemorate the 10th Anniversary.  Reviews of the new DVD aren’t great citing slightly improved picture and audio quality, but no significant new features.  If you don’t have it already, worth a buy.  Otherwise, stay away.

The Big Lebowski

Wii Sports meets The Big Lebowski

Watch, enjoy.

The Dude Abides

Just wanted to point all you Little Lebowski Urban Acheivers towards www.jeffdowd.com. It is the personal website of the “real” dude. Jeff Dowd is the producer and publicist that Joel and Ethan based The Dude on. Keep apprised of appearances and the status of his upcoming auto-biography “The Dude Abides”.

The Big Lebowski DVD Site

Heads up the website for The Big Lebowski: Collector’s Edition is now up. Not a whole lot going on but, might be worth a look.

Lebowski Box Art

The Big Lebowski: Collector’s Edition artwork may look like this. I found these images on DVDEmpire.com The Achiever Edition looks pretty cool. Remains to be seen if it’s worth the price tag. The box set of four Coen films also has some artwork available. Did Focus Features end up with the Polygram library?

The Big Lebowski Collector’s Edition DVD to be released on 10/18/2005

Well it’s finally confirmed. The Collector’s Edition will be out on 10/18/05. It’s already up on Amazon.com and is available for pre-order. There will be two versions. One with just the new disc, and a Gift set complete with Coasters, Cards, and Shammy Towel. You can pre-order both right now. As well as the 4 disc box set.

Miller’s Crossing


Millers Crossing stars Gabriel Byrne, four-time Academy Award nominee Albert Finney, Marcia Gay Harden, John Turturro, Jon Polito and J.E. Freeman. Set in 1929 in an unnamed Eastern city, it’s the compelling story of the friendship between Leo (Finney), the local political boss, and Tom (Byrne), the man behind the man. Their friendship is severed when Leo and Tom fall in love with the same woman. Tom joins ranks with Johnny Caspar, Leo’s foremost enemy and rival for political power, and a bloody gang war erupts. For a better perspective on the movie, read Dashiell Hammett’s “The Glass Key”: much of the film’s brilliant dialogue is directly from the Novel.