Jerry Lundegaard is in a financial jam and, out of desperation, comes up with a plan to hire someone to kidnap his wife and demand ransom from her wealthy father, to be secretly split between Jerry and the perpetrators. Jerry, who is not the most astute of individuals, hires a couple of real losers from the frozen northern reaches of Fargo, North Dakota to do the job. Then things begin to slip from bad to worse as Jerry helplessly watches on.

This movie has more character than any I’ve seen. You just love to see what happens next. The people are all so simple and they’ve gotten themselves into such a complicated web. Steve Buscemi is just great, he received one of the most unique bullet wounds I’ve ever seen. Its smart and just plain funny.

The claim at the beginning of the movie that the story it true is questionable. They wanted it to seem like something you would read in one of those true crime magazines. But it wasn’t something you would see on the local news. They added that just to, well I’m not exactly sure why they added that. But, I can say from my own experience that I believed the first time I saw it and it made it just a bit more interesting.

If you happened to read the credits, you would have seen a prince-like symbol in there O)+>. It was used as the actor for the second victom in the field. It wasn’t Prince it was just some guy from the crew. Another classic Coen joke. These are all the awards I know of. If you have heard about any others plese write to me at This address In the latest edition of the official Star Wars magazine (May/June 1999) an interview is printed with George Lucas he was asked what his opinion of today’s movies and he said “I think the quality of films is better than ever, quite frankly. Some of the films being made today are some of the best films ever made. And I think the films are more unique and more interesting. I definitely don’t go along with the critics’ idea that all we’re making is “popcorn” pictures today.

And of course, the opinion differs. Everyone has their own way of reviewing and rating a film. It is totally unfair asking an explanation for one’s feedback. It is theirs. That’s it! But it is undeniable that every now and then, Hollywood is producing high-quality films with the most versatile actors.

Look at the films nominated for Academy Awards- they’re just as good today as they were 20 years ago, and some of them are much more esoteric and interesting. I would pick Fargo over The Sting for instance.”