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Ethan Coen (November 29, 1954) and Joel Coen (September 21, 1957), popularly known as Coen brothers hold a special place for them in Hollywood. They have multiple avatars as filmmakers, screenplay writers, story writers and much more in the film industry. They are America’s most stylish filmmakers and their movies are convoluted and unconventional. Joel and Ethan spent most of their childhood in Minnesota. Ethan completed his graduation in Economics whereas Joel studied film making course. The Coen brothers showed interest in making films in their earlier age itself. They funnily remade hit films with their neighbor as the lead and shot the same in their small camera.

They altogether wrote the story for Blood simple, a sleek thriller. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find a producer in the industry. They acquired funding from the private investors, directed and released the movie. The film was a hit and from there they took a giant leap. So, after the huge commercial success of the film, they tied up with a production company, which gave them full freedom to think and execute the same. Their next film together was Raising Arizona (1987), which is a sheer example of their versatility.

They have made several films in varied genres, from comedy to gangster, featuring brilliant stars like George Clooney, Brad Pitt and so on. Joel Coen won his first award as a director in the Cannes film festival in 1991. He also won the golden palm award in the same year for the film, Barton Fink. The movie was actually co-written and produced by Ethan Coen. The other appreciable works of Coen brothers are No country for old men, Miller’s Crossing, Fargo, True grit, Burn after reading, Incredible cruelty and so on. The combo has made 17 films together, most of them being blockbusters.

The Coen brothers had won the highest honor that a filmmaker can get. Yes, they are Oscar winners. They have been nominated innumerable times in various categories in a number of award functions. They have won BAFTA more than ten times, something to be cherished forever! Till date, the Coen brothers are the most wanted directors in Hollywood. They know the pulse of the audience, they carefully observe the changing trend and make film accordingly. Their biggest strength is their technical crew, who make things work on screen without flaws. This website is highly recommended, you read to know about the Coen brothers’ success story.