The Ladykillers

The Ladykillers marks the Coen Brothers first collaboration with Box Office Giant Tom Hanks. In this remake of the 1955 classic the Coen’s once again stray from their habit of directing only original material.

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The process of selecting a movie for an award nomination is a lengthy one.

  1. The actor/actress who is nominated for their roles must not have dubbed the dialogues for their roles. This rule is not applicable to the dubbed songs.
  2. For animated movies, any technique like pixilation, hand-drawn animation etc. are generally accepted. But real-time puppetry and motion capture techniques are not eligible as ‘animation’.
  3. The entries have to be submitted by the Producer as per norms laid by each academy.
  4. Subtitles have to be provided in English for other language movies.
  5. These academies have a voting panel of privileged and renowned people from various fields. Generally, the juries are from a variety of fields to ensure proper assessment.
  6. Besides movies, these academies invite entries of documents on subjects of social and economic importance.
  7. These academies do not compromise on the originality of the movie and music.
  8. They encourage scientific and technical innovative use in film making


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Hanks stars as Goldthwait Higginson Dorr III, Ph.D., a charlatan professor who’s assembled a gang of “experts” for the heist of the century.