The Big Lebowski

Jeff Bridges charactor is refered to as “The Dude” as apposed to just “Dude.” Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski is stuck in the 60’s according to Bridges. The Dude is beaten up by two gangsters when he is mistaken for a wealthy civic leader of the same name whose wife owes money all over L.A.

Stop a second before you read further.  Do you want to know certain interesting movie facts?  Read on the full report given below:

  1. The costliest ever movie taken is ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean -on stranger tides (2011). The total budget was approximately around 379 million USD.
  2. The movie which received maximum collection around the globe is Avatar. It overtook Titanic nearly .500 million USD.
  3. Avenger- Infinity War- has the largest cast crew used in a movie.
  4. An actor who played a supporting role was paid over 1000 times than lead actress in the movie ‘All the money in the world’.
  5. 90% of the Americal classical movies are lost to time. No copies exist for these.
  6. The movie ‘Paranormal activity’ costed a meager budget of 15000USD. But the collections were 193,000,000 USD.
  7. They had to minimize the speed of motion for Bruce Lee movies. His movements were so fast that people would not be able to watch these when played at normal speed.
  8. In the movie ‘Godzilla’(2014) the main character Godzilla appears for less than ten minutes in the total movie.
  9. Charlie Chaplin was awarded the Oscar. He received 12-minute standing ovation.  This is the largest in the history of Oscar.
  10. Research on Academy award speeches reveals the fact that people have thanked Steven Spielberg number of times than thanking God.
  11. Few movies like ‘Armageddon’, ‘Apollo 13’ and ‘Around the world in 80 days’ are on the list that is kept in NASA space station for the entertainment of the space researchers.
  12. Many stars were rejected during their early days of opportunity hunt. For example, Tom Cruise, Marlin Monroe, Jackie Chan.
  13. Nearly 500 couples have named their daughters as ‘Hermione’ after the release of Harry potter-Part I.
  14. Research has proven that watching horror movies increases the appreciation sense while watching abstract art.

Back to the Big Lebowski story.

His bowling-team buddy (John Goodman) soon convinces him that he should be compensated, setting off a chain of events including a complex kidnapping plot