Miller’s Crossing


Millers Crossing stars Gabriel Byrne, four-time Academy Award nominee Albert Finney, Marcia Gay Harden, John Turturro, Jon Polito and J.E. Freeman. Set in 1929 in an unnamed Eastern city, it’s the compelling story of the friendship between Leo (Finney), the local political boss, and Tom (Byrne), the man behind the man.

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  1. Sound: Latest sound technology used in movies give a crystal clear hearing experience for the viewers.  You feel as though it is happening very near you.  Latest concepts like Dolby Atmos, Auro3D etc. gives the same sound experience whether you are watching from the first row or the last.
  2. Light: Technology has enabled extensive research on lighting concepts.  There are various types of lighting like Soft light, High key light, and soft light.  Using the correct type of lighting depends on the characters and the mood of a particular scene shot.  Technology has enabled recording with clarity using the available natural lighting.
  3. Graphics: Graphics has made giant progress.  From the usage of simple morphing, the concept of graphics has resulted in 4D animation.  Graphics add richness to a movie.  It thrills the viewer using unimaginable technology.
  4. Camera: Now film making has leaped to the usage of drone cameras.  Next time when you gasp at those remarkable aerial views, thank these cameras.  Technology goes on improving the pixels.  The clarity and potential to capture minute details has become easy and a wide range of options are available.
  5. Protection: You dream to watch the movie first day first show at your favorite theatre.  Alas! That is already streamed on those hacking sites.  But technology is striving continuously to protect the rights of the original movie makers.  There is advanced software which can easily prevent hacking by creating a counter virus in the system.

Back to the story of Miller’s crossing.

Their friendship is severed when Leo and Tom fall in love with the same woman. Tom joins ranks with Johnny Caspar, Leo’s foremost enemy and rival for political power, and a bloody gang war erupts. For a better perspective on the movie, read Dashiell Hammett’s “The Glass Key”: much of the film’s brilliant dialogue is directly from the Novel.