Film making is not a plaything and it needs a lot of efforts from each and every technician involved in the particular movie. Many people especially menfolk would like to choose this industry to reach greater heights and gloss like stars in the film field. But half of them get succeeded and the rest fail mostly. We must have the capacity and potential to face both success and failure and move on further with the next movie work, else it is very hard to stay back long in the film market.

Nowadays, there are many courses available online and offline for learning about film making and movie story writing. Those who would like to direct their own movies can learn even more here. These courses teach us the equipment used for making a film and how to handle it in a proper manner to deliver an excellent movie.

The result of the film is purely based on the storyline and also the cast acted in it. Because the actors are the main ones who deploy the story in a better way to the audience. Even though the story is extraordinary and the casts are not up to the mark, then we cannot expect a massive hit. So, the directors should focus majorly on the stars as same as the story.

We could have seen many pictures are getting nominated for the great and remarkable awards only because of the actors. The flicks must be taken in a way that satisfies all types of audiences and then only we are able to withstand in that industry for a very long time.

The debut actors, film directors, producers, and all the technicians would have faced countless insults before reaching a strong and outstanding place.

Do you think directors are the major reasons for success and failure?

Yes, of course, the directors are the captains of the ship and if they are dull and passive, then there are many chances that the movie might fail. We could have realized many pictures have failed because of the mistakes from the director’s side.

It is in the hands of the directors to make a film an outstanding one. So, the producers should be very careful in choosing the filmmaker and they must prefer an outstanding director to inflate the richness of the flick.

Therefore the movie makers should be very clear about their roles and responsibilities and think in a better way to achieve success always.